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Hey dudes!!!!


I guess im familar with most of you now, known as Jaeger been playing on Hzrd server on a dayli basis since 1 year if not more now. Been keeping up with the kill ranks and i have made some Last nice during my days here :)


So now i want to introduce myself so you get some more knowledge of me, i want to help out on the FFA server as lately with less admin activity on the server there have been plenty of kids destroying for all of us that want to see some Last nice. Even detected few cheaters lately that were never punished!


My name is Kalle (regular swe name ha?) 24 years old soon 25 in february. Working mon-fri today i got to know that i will be there for atleast 1 year more now "wihuu", im helping old people often 80+ years old, teaching them how to use iPads and helping them with problems they will experience on the way learning. Why should someone 80+ years old use an iPad from start you might think? its a project in the municipality were i live, so tests can be made for app making of usefull stuff, the goal is to have these old people not being needed to move from home because of the age to early.


Except COD i have been playing World of Warcraft for 10 years, since i were 15 years old ouschh i have actually mostly on play WoW nothing else, when Bo1 had release i were playing for half year normal servers S&D and Demo, was not into sniping at all by then.

But 1 year ago i decided to try Bo1 again, i found out NoA sniping server, i started to try, it did not work out well but i did not give up, i did not understand HS, NS, QS, TS, nothing, i just keept going and learnt by time, after about 2 month i finally started to get it, and today im still not the best but im often doing really good! and i can count all my TS last months to 50+ times atleast.


Wall of text sorry hehe.


Anyway i hope you enjoy playing with me, i enjoy the Hzrd server most of all, i love the 100% FFA, and it feels like its the best way to go to learn react quick and play smooth, S&D is just wait wait wait if you are having bad luck with you aim, and im not the one who enjoy camping a corner for kills im offensive!



I hope some of you who know me can put a good word for me, i often act with good behavior a nice attidude, and i think if you let me into Hzrd i could help alot keeping the server clean from idiots who bypass the rules and cheaters. I will for sure be the most active member/admin for a while as i have no plans stopping with Bo1. Recently sold off my WoW account wont play it anymore after 10 year it feels like i have nothing new to get from the game and its taking to much time.






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