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Hzrd FFA 0 - Last nice rule?

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Hello , I wanted to propose me along with others that think the same that ffa server should have a rule regarding last nice killings... , The rule should be something like this .. killing without having landed at least, having a camping position on stairs , blocking , hunting shouldn't be allowed , the are many reasons that this rule should be applied , the first one would be kill and death ratio , many people have nice scores at 29  such as 29-9/10, but until some1 makes it the last kill , every1 scores are like 29-20+... which isn't normal...  , plus many other players just  play on ffa server until 100 kills and are in top 5 kill and death ratio , still not normal.. while others play for longer and lose kdr for this reason.. , second reason will be that killing last creates a lot of conflicts and heat between players and people regard it as unfair and advantageous for people that come late in the game and want an ''easy win'' , the third and final reason would be that overall influx of last killings creates big number of 29 players and at that point its pointless , every have a kdr maybe negative or close to 1... and if the match ends at all the one that came the latest with best kdr wins.. or some1 kunts until 29 .   I hope this topic is well placed and hope that you will think about these facts.


Thank you anticipated for the answer .!


PS: Should crossmap toma in the air be regarded as a last nice trick aswell? (Another proposal)




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the rule actually hard to implement  what if i joined and everyone already have 29? i cant play? No, we would never make a rule like that

and if you are worried about kdr , our stats are counted on kills not on rounds so you can leave and rejoin and can kill again 




to quote one of our staff 






btw our kdr is not counted on 100 its counted on 2000 kills 








PS: Should crossmap toma in the air be regarded as a last nice trick aswell? (Another proposal)

No , it should not because its coincidental and not based on skill 

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