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Co1d ban ffa

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What server were you banned from? : I don't even remember

Why were you banned? : i used rpg and a fake clan tag

When were you banned? : about 2 or 3 years ago

What was your in-game name when you got banned?: either imSan1c or maybe coldZe0

This was like 3 years ago i think and i do not remember exact date, who banned me or what my name was at the time.


However if there is a way for me to get unbanned now i would like to be.


I will provide a link to my steam profile below if it helps :)



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For some reason im banned again with the exact same message as it had when i was first banned 3 years ago. Can you have a look in to it and unban me again.


I didn't do anything to warrant a ban scince i was unbanned last time so i dont know how i am banned again?

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