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EvaderOfDeath Ban

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What server were you banned from? :

Free For All
Why were you banned? : 

I was accordingly banned because i hadnt done last nice, which in my perspective is not true. I was also accused of hacking, also not true, i just played bo2 a lot. I was also asked to take varia off which i did after the first match and as I rejoined and won again I got banned after doing a jump down from a ledge with a 180 which hit a person through the window. I am sorry if that is not actually a last nice, but i actually really tried to achieve a nice last kill. I am still fairly new to pc trickshotting.
When were you banned? : 

Approx. 30 mins ago
Provide your steam profile link: 

http://steamcommunity.com/id/ EvaderOfDeath

Anything else:


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