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Greg's behaviour

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Hello guys !

As a player in Hazard Server for years there is some behaviours I can't accept while playing on this server.

This day, I have been insulted from greg because he was crying of getting killed... 

Getting killed and getting mad, he warned me for every think, like camping while I killed him from the middle of the map ... no real reasons to warn ....

As I noticed, the rule 11 is to respect all members and players ... So I think this is not a good behaviour from an admin of HZRD ...






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Here is the full game.

So as greg said, he thinks that I was spawn late ... where is that ?

He warned me for camp at 1:24 ... do you think guys that I was camping ?

He cried about hardscope at 3:08, do you think guys it was a hardscope ?


So to sum up, I played following all the rules, I get warned for something I didn't do and then I get insulted by the same person ... This is why I think greg need to change his behaviour ASAP ...



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1:24 you were closer to the house more than you were to middle of the map 

1:43 you called him stupid so you started insulting first 

2:59 was not a hardscope 

2:09 greg says "nice hs" i think saying cried is a little too far, he just said it the one time.


i wouldn't warn for camp unless someone always stays in that same spot (multiple rounds) which you didnt (only one time),  looks like an honest mistake after all it was just a warn you didnt get kicked or temp banned 

for this i say to greg be careful next time and make sure they actually camped 

and to you thank you for reporting it in the forum i like to be transparent and keep this community active 


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