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Idea : Merging Hzrd FFA & Hzrd S&D

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Hi !

My name is Rémi and i lately played a lot on your FFA & S&D Snipers servers under the name IRTHM then Contemplation

I am still quite a noob, even if i start to improve by a tiny bit i am nowhere near to be a decent player, that's why I usualy play on the FFA server so i am not an handicap for my team... But as we all know, no one plays BO1 anymore so most of the time i do not really choose on wich server i play, just on the one there is people in...

So here is my idea : merging the two servers so that everyone can play the gamemode he likes... because there is anyway not enough people into BO1 Sniping to fill two servers.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the poor grammar, I'm french and not very good in english


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hey remi!

thanks for your suggestion but there are people who only play ffa and people who only play snd 

they dont like to play something else, even though its true that there arent many people playing black ops 1 

it has been like this since forever same people rarely any new people :D 

since both servers are doing well i think its not a good idea

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