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I make clear this bunch of letter is me, I changed my name. :D

There is the video about the admin abuse of zillian. According to your rules i didn't break a rule.

I saw there was someone was coming, i just did few steps to kill him, i do not see how we can call it "camp"


I tried to speak with him for discuss about the abuse, but no anwser or just some "Hahahaha" 

I recorded all the game this time. 

Good Bye o/


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It does no matter if you warned me or kicked, both are an abuse of rights.

From your POV that's exactely the same, it's litteraly not camp.

On the first round that's a normal rotation. And in the second round in wish you warned me, that's exactely the same thing, you rushed too fast. 

If I had not looked at my map, and therefore I would not have seen you, I would have continued and it would seem normal to you, no? I just saw you on the map, and I just had to turn around to kill you, it's you went too fast.

You can't warn about camp because you rush too fast. 







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