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joey ban

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(il messaggio ban è uguale al messaggio tempban attende 31 minuti e si ricongiunge al server prima di creare un argomento )

Tempbans sono 30 minuti, sei sicuro che questo NON sia un tempban ?:


Da quale server sei stato bannato? :

S&D and FFA


Perché sei stato bannato?

when i was WeS leader i didn't realize how wrong was stealing Hzrd members, now i'm really sorry for that (WeS are closed now)


Quando sei stato bannato?

April 2018

Fornisci il tuo link al profilo del vapore: 



Qualunque altra cosa:

i'm really sorry for what happened, i behaved badly, i've learned from my mistakes and i would just be able to play again and maybe even join Hzrd if possible, i could also edit videos again like i used to. thank you




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