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Glassy Sky/Tanya

Descandant admin abuse x2

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Before my explanations: 

SteamLink descendant: https://steamcommunity.com/id/notbranymore/

For logs: Started to 20h18 until 20h23 (UTC +1)

Well, so i got kicked for spray. The rule says: Only " Only spray QS is allowed" And i was qs, and if we add the fact that he didn't warn me before kick, it's a admin abuse, cause mad. 

I came back to kick him, stating that i respected well the rule. Then he told me: "You're so retarded" 

Second map, i made him understand that next admin abuse, i'll make him lost his vip by reporting him on the website. 

After that, he kicked me for #ass and left.

Some messages don't display with replays, logs will be needed, i think 

There is videos: 

Second(2nd map): 



Good evening :D


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