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Chad - Admin abuse?

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Hi all, I was playing today and I got kicked 3 times for this guy because "I was camping", what exactly he calls "camp" is run OUTSIDE AROUND the house in nuke to change spot. I did not even stop any second, i was running the whole time. I got all recorder in 25m video. 


The clip you're gonna see it's me "camping" in nuke.... I think I did not deserve that kick for be waiting 3 damn seconds in the corner, when I saw there were no enemy I started to rush the middle of the map.... 


The funny of that is I told the guy he were admin abusing, and all he said "go hzrd forums and report me" that's exactly what I'm doing.


We all have bad days I understand that, I only wanna show to Chad, hes not right, and he made a few mistakes kicking me 3 times in 2 games. 

If you need more evidence I can upload it. 





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