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VIP Request

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Steam Link/URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/TheUndeadChicken/
Age: 19
Clan: x3
Do you know any [HZRD] admins? if yes write whom: Not really
Do you know and adhere to VIP rules and server rules? https://goo.gl/UYQ9aV: Yes
did you join hazard discord? Hazardsniping.com/discord: 1
do you have second accounts? put the URL of the other accounts on the "anything else" on the bottom:

Anything else: Rank 12 on ffa. I just want to be able to play fair while no admins or vips are online. Know a few members, but not sure if they're admins or not (which is why i wrote "Not really"). Thanks for answers. :)

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