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SinX6 banned for "wallhack"

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(ban message is the same as the tempban message wait 31mins and rejoin the server before making a topic) Tempbans are 30mins , are you sure this is NOT a tempban?:: No
What server were you banned from? : Sniper FFA Nuketown
Why were you banned?: "cheating"
When were you banned?: today / 08.04.2019 / 21:56 ca
Steam Link/URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Nostalgiker/

Anything else:

I saw him before and wallbanged an admin on nuketown from the top window

instant banned for cheating... thats kinda sad




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12 hours ago, joeyunlimit said:

what is sad is you inability to read

this is a tempban which is thirty minutes....

but why am i getting banned for nothing and how should i know that it was a tempban.

it just said, that i have been banned. I thought that "cheaters" will get a perm ban and i didnt cheat so it is still sad.

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