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Recruitment Request

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Steam Link/URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/x3Destiny/
Age: 18
did you join hazard discord? Hazardsniping.com/discord:
Do you know and adhere to the members rules and server rules? Members Rules: https://goo.gl/TszGRo : Yes
do you have second accounts? put the URL of the other accounts on the "anything else" on the bottom: Yes

Anything else: I have my dad account and my brother ( I Don't use these ).

I've been a member already for 2 month, and now i want to come back you miss me alot guy's. i'm really active im friendly, mature i like everyone who play on Hazard servers.

I will really love to join you back !

I will join discord right know btw...


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You’re right but in now 2 weeks i see more hazard member playing .... and the clan has change alot some new stuff new rules we’re added.... I’ve also left in a rush without really thought twice before now i want to come back and stay for real... if you and others head-Admins want it.

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