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Report VIP Swmt | redcore

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Age: 30
Steam Link/URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Seriousbananas
Clan: Sol
Do you know and adhere to VIP rules and server rules? https://goo.gl/UYQ9aV: Yes
Reported name: Swmt | redcore
Reported person Steam Link/URL: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Seriousbananas

Hey guys,

i need 2 report Swmt | redcore cause he camp all time and i cant warn/kick him (cause hes trusted VIP and im only VIP).

I tried to talk to him but no reaction and it was not the first time thats he do this shit.

He know the rules but he ignore it and noone warn/kick him (many trusted VIP and admins was at this time on Server) so he camp again and again.

I think noone want believe this.

So i uploaded now not 1 rather 3 examples (i can give u alot more)  how he was playin in hope that someone take his rights away.

P.S. he has more than 1 Account.

Sorry 4 bad Quality and shortness of the Videos but my Internet is very bad.







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Hey Moap,

thx for letting us know. But appearently all of these clips are from the same round, and it looks like redcore is trying to provoke you with that. He hardscopes, but he doesnt kill anyone. I had a long discussion with him before because i also accused him for camping. But he was right, he is usually not waiting longer than 4 seconds. He is open about his accounts as he even has a steam group linked to all his accounts and he is trusted vip for a reason. I talk to him...


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he was not longer waiting than 4 seconds????

its like 10 sec in first clip

sorry but it isnt the truth maybe watch again the clips im not sensetive about camping but he play like this most of time.

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I am disappointed that my post had no effect.

I think my records are a clear he break 3x times in a row the rules.

thats the fact doesnt matter if he provoke me or not.

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And also in this report, i clearly have to say that i warned redcore not to do it again, and a trusted vip will not instantly lose its rights. There is a reason why ppl are trusted and not just vips. There is a certain trust in them and if they break Rules we talk to them, warn them for their wrong doing and keep an eye on them. Just saying we are doing nothing is bs  you cant expect me to remove everyones rights for one mistake

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