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Sphynx Intro

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Hey all! I have been on the FFA server as DaTa Sphynx and just wanted to introduce myself to the people i havent gotten the chance to.


My name is Jakob and im from Ontario Canada

I am 14 and i enjoy playing the Hazard FFA on black ops 1


I am attempting to get better at QS and it is working.


i used to play on Xbox360 as Smashed iPod with my buddy Twin Glocks Jr quickscopin on MW3 MW2 AW and Ghosts


I am much better on 360 but im moving to the PC gaming world


I hope to learn about and know you guys also and possibly have a "seat on the court" in hazard eventually.


Im currently on and off downloading BO3


I hope to see more of you brilliant people on the FFA BO1 Server or even on this!


Hope you all get a chance to meet me and have a nice day!






Sphynx, a perfect mix of crazy and funny, yet not perfect in CoD. How is this even possible??

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