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Swift ban dispute

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What server were you banned from? : Sinixy????

Why were you banned? : Last nice

When were you banned? : around 12-5-2016

What was your in-game name when you got banned?: frozen.Swift / Yankeee

Hi there!


Its been a long time since i played on the Hzrd FFA server so I might not remember everything correctly.

Reason Ban: not doing last nice.


Truth is the times i didnt do last nice can be counted on one hand.

But it happend when Sinixy was in the server with me and i believe he didnt really like me at that point.

So I got kicked and banned one day after. (even my second acc if it matters)



I'm sorry for what happend and for all the irrelevant information written above.

But it doesnt seem fair to me that you ban someone just because you dont like him.

I even have proof enough of me doing last nice on my stupid YT channel.


I really hope you understand and are willing to unban me





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